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What is a "novel" coronavirus? Novel in this context simply means "new." COVID-19 is a virus that did not exist in humankind until recently, when it made a jump from an animal species, most likely a bat.

Because the virus is new, humans have no "natural" immunity to it. This makes our present situation much like that of Native Americans when the first Europeans brought viruses to the New World that had never been present here before. All of us are susceptible to the new pathogen, and a small minority--the elderly and those with underlying health conditions like diabetes and heart disease--are more likely to suffer severe complications.

On this page are links that give essential information about the COVID-19 virus. How long does it live on various surfaces? What does it take to kill it? Am I at risk when I open deliveries from shippers? From grocery stores? Am I taking a risk if I allow my grandchildren to visit me? (See the Social distancing sub-page as well).



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