For assistance in getting safe meals and groceries, as well as delivery services, please click the "GETTING FOOD IN NATCHEZ" tab under the HOME heading.  The situation is changing constantly, so please check back often.


If you want to follow me on Facebook, please my Greg Iles reader page, not the smaller page with my last name misspelled "Isles." The header on the proper page is a row of leather-bound editions of my books.

If you choose to follow me on Twitter, you should know that I believe the federal government is currently failing our nation's medical community. Doctors, nurses, and first responders all over America desperately need more protective equipment to remain safe and working in the front lines for us. They also need many more Covid-19 test kits.  Until they get what they need, I will post the reality on Twitter, not wishful thinking. I will keep my Facebook page purely informative.

Stay safe!