The Mayor's Coronavirus Preparedness Task Force

Natchez was the first city in Mississippi to have a Coronavirus Preparedness Task Force. The task force was created to help keep the citizens of Natchez as safe from the novel Coronavirus as possible, to help mitigate its spread, and to faciliate timely intervention in all events arising from the present national emergency. The task force consists of your friends and neighbors. Its members are:


Dr. Lee England: Internal Medicine Specialist

Lance Boyd: CEO, Merit Health Natchez

William Thames: Oncology Pharmacist

Tammy Crawford: Chief quality officer for Merit Health Natchez

Tim Houghton: Operations manager AMR Natchez

Ventris Green: Chief, Natchez Fire Department

Walter Armstrong: Chief, Natchez Police Department

Travis Patten: Sheriff, Adams County

Robert Bradford: Director, Natchez Emergency Management

Fred Butcher: Superintendent, Natchez Adams School District

Melvin Davis: Safety & security coordinator, Natchez Adams School District

Larnell Ford: Director of Operations, NASD

Tessa Dykes: Epidemiology nurse Mississippi Department of Health

Michelle McCain: Emergency preparedness nurse (EPN)

Mississippi Department of Health

Chesney Doyle: Community liaison to the mayor

Marc Doyle: Community representative, First Presbyterian Church

Dustin Hinkle: Special assistant to the mayor & social media manager

Jennifer Ogden: Executive Director of Visit Natchez and NCPC

Debbie Hudson: President of Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce

Greg Iles: Natchez Coronavirus Website Communications