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Dear Natchez Neighbors:​

New Orleans is now experiencing the fastest Covid-19 infection rate in the world, per Governor John Bel Edwards. Half its EMS responders are now in quarantine, per the New Orleans mayor. New Orleans is only 171 miles from Natchez, and we all know how frequent travel between the cities is. Don’t let the small number of confirmed cases in Adams County give you a false sense of security. We can't know how many of our fellow citizens traveled to New Orleans in the past 14 days. Further, Coronavirus testing of Natchezians has been seriously delayed. Mayor Grennell has waited a week without getting his results. The risk is dire. Read the story in the Democrat that quotes Dr. Blaine Mire. Please rigorously observe the stay-at-home order passed by the BOA last night, and remind your kids how seriously they should take the curfew. Everybody stay safe.